In the southern part of the Balkans, there is a company that still calls itself a team. Unburdened by the limits of the boring tech standards, we are driven by our ideas. Creating products that push the limits, beyond what everyone is used to, Beyond Basics

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The Cloud

is not a buzzword

The cloud is not a buzzword, it’s not even somebody else's computer. It is a life of its own, built on top of milion of connecting dots. Services, databases, containers, and orchestrators are just the tools we use to bring it to life. A purpose is something we breathe into it to make it work. The cloud is not just for the big players, it’s for everyone.

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we turn ideas into


custom tailored only for you

The perfect solution does not come pre-packaged in a labeled box. It needs to be discussed, thought-out, planned, and tested. We understand that each company is unique and faces its own challenging business needs. Why trying to apply a rigidly manufactured square solution to the problems? What works for one does not mean it will work for everyone. That’s why we talk about the business problems and we offer solutions, instead of urging our clients to eat soup with a fork.

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