Agile does not mean "Don't plan"

A serious project needs a seriously thorough plan. We need the objectives, milestones, and iterations on a paper to monitor the workflow and the progress of our work.

Based on the decade-long experience, we can comfortably say that Agile is here to stay. Even though many people think of it as a “no planning, just coding” method, we eagerly take advantage of its philosophy: adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement through rapid and flexible response to change.

In order to achieve superb results on client’s project, our leading analysts and architects spend plenty of time with our clients in order to define every single detail of the solution. Moreover, we understand that requirements change as we move forward, and that is a challenge we gladly accept.

Covering all bases

Client’s projects are tremendously important to us. In order to create and deliver a purpose-built solution, we cover numerous different platforms. Moreover, our plan is to be up-to-date with everything that is new and promising, so covering different bases will never be a one-time task for us.

Whether it is a web, mobile, desktop, or a cloud service, we cover it all, and then some more. Our vast experience is a relevant guarantee that we know our tech and know what we do every step of the way.

During our initial conversations with clients, we tend to be meticulously descriptive and informative as we understand that tech-talks can often cause tedious headaches for them. Not everyone is aware of the limitless opportunities created by the merge of different, yet compatible technologies. This is where our expertise helps clients learn about the upsides and downsides of different technologies, and the cost of utilizing them to create the most suitable, problem-solving solution.

We are here to offer the right solution, whether it is created by a single, or multiple different technologies and platforms.

Driven by challenge

There is nothing more satisfying then designing and developing a fresh state-of-the-art solution that solves a complex problem. Challenge is our fuel. Striving for perfection, and focusing our attention to every possible detail, including the tiniest ones, brings us the joy of a lifetime. That’s what we call an adrenaline rush caused by a good code.

In our world there is no project without a challenge. We find challenge in every module, feature, or bug. We love our job, and we love good code.