Geography no longer matters

One of the biggest obstacles in the pre-internet era was geography. The location of the client, talent, and offices, was on the top of the list, since sharing of the resources was almost impossible.

From the very beginning, at Beyond Basics we continuously improve our collaboration workflows which helped us acquire and retain clients from all over the world. By incorporating the latest tech to these workflows, we assure our clients that they will be well informed on the project status, have fine grained control over the used resources, and always have the last say when it comes to shaping their product.

Industry sectors covered

Since 2011, Beyond Basics is constantly expanding its industry coverage. We believe that every industry should have the benefit of a technology upgrade. These are some of the industries in which we successfully built and executed software development projects.

Private contracting

Many companies feel uncomfortable outsourcing or outstaffing part of their work due to security or other internal policies. At Beyond Basics we guarantee the utmost privacy for your project and data. As a matter of fact, it won’t be our first time doing this, since most of our projects are under strict NDAs.

We understand that long-term relationships are based on mutual trust, therefore we have the highest consideration for the business protocols practiced by your company, making sure that we are a perfect fit. Working with us gives you direct access to every step of the development process. We receive your input, and deliver high quality products based on it.

Our job is to become a part of your company, but at the same time stay out of your way. This gives you enough flexibility to act quickly on any tech challenge, without losing sight of your long-term strategic goals.