The sun always shines above the clouds

Just like any other technological advancement, cloud computing brought tectonic change in how software is made. It was nearly twenty years ago when we were struggling with expensive dedicated servers, launching simple websites and applications using CGI and Perl. Infrastructure was scarce and with great limitations. Any thought of building multi tenant scalable web application was closer to a dream than reality.

Luckily for us, things have changed. We now live in the cloud age. What once started as a graphical representation of the internet in architecture diagrams now has a life of its own. The technology that was once available only to the big players, now we see as a commodity. Everyone is hoping on the cloud bandwagon, and there is a reason for that.

Cloud native all the way

When the cloud hit the spotlight of engineering teams, it wasn’t at all what we depict as cloud technology today. It was basically the same old infrastructure but cheaper. No fancy services or dashboards, no auto-scalability. As cloud tech evolved, we are now in the age of microservices, containers and orchestrators, or as everybody calls it, cloud native.

At Beyond Basics we’ve been tinkering with this modern way of software design, development and infrastructure since its beginnings. Almost all our projects include a cloud infrastructure in one form or another. By embracing the microservice architectural pattern, we have become a full blown cloud native company. This move has proven numerous times that the proverb “Divide and conquer” is right on the spot when developing big, resilient and scalable solutions.

Automation as a core value

The cloud native movement brought us new ways of how we deal with the usual workflows such as continuous integration and continuous deployment. Automation of these processes allows us to have faster delivery with fewer engineers, which in turn is cheaper and simpler.

Integrated software testing tools make sure that each update has passed a series of quality assurance workflows, making sure that our products work as expected. Having automation as one of our values is something we take very seriously. Modern problems ask for modern solutions, and automation is at their core.

No matter the size

No matter the size of your project or company, the cloud is for everyone. Whether you are a large company with a desire to deliver your services worldwide, or just a small startup with big dreams, the cloud will give you the flexibility to scale and upgrade in no-time. It almost seems like a magical place, doesn’t it?

We are the ones that will build that cloud for you. We will grow with you, get wiser with you, celebrate with you. Embrace the cloud, we already have.