Who we are

We come from a small, beautiful country located in the lower Balkans, called Macedonia. Although location doesn’t mean much these days, it is always fun to see people’s reaction when they see how tiny we seem on the map.

Location aside, we are a group of tech enthusiasts that genuinely enjoy their job. We built the company back in 2011 as part of an effort to create the perfect outsourcing team. We selected our first team members wisely because we wanted to build a company culture that will flourish from their potential, and at the same time to enthusiastically share and expand their experience and knowledge.

Almost a decade later, we evolved into a team of digital transformation experts that still accept the business challenges of our clients with the same enthusiasm as the very first day we started working together. Wiser and more experienced with every passing day, today, we cover more than ten different industries, many open-source technologies and platforms, and work with clients based all over Europe and the US.

During our time spent working together, we have built valuable expertise in creating scalable and robust cloud solutions that perfectly match our client’s needs. Moreover, we discovered a flexible, yet stable approach in connecting and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

What are we passionate about

Music, movies, nature, but most of all, design. When we say design, we don’t mean just a simple start of our favorite graphic tool, and splashing a few forms and colors on it. For us, design is everywhere and everything. Simply put, design is omnipresent, so is our passion for it.

We design complex systems, intuitive apps, creative logos, new protocols, engaging websites, scalable services, clouds, and much more. We embed our joint passion into every project we work on, and that’s what makes us stand out. We devote ourselves into building products and solutions that carry our passion and joy. We are ready to go beyond all and make our clients feel the energy once they start using the solution we created.

For us, that is the only way to create something bigger than all of us, beyond anything anyone has ever experienced before.

Cloud Services

Whether it is PAAS, SAAS or BAAS, we love clouds in every shape and size, that's our bread and butter

UI/UX Design

It is much more than colors and shapes, it's about human psychology and how we interact with machines

Our Products

We believe that our worth is measured by what we leave behind, so we put our passion in building products

Why we are your perfect fit

We are firm believers in honesty as the best policy. That’s why we are genuinely open with our clients. We appreciate our client’s opinion, and only together and through an open communication we can create remarkable products. Every great solution is created out of a great problem, and we are a company that will put our entire knowledge, skills, and experience in solving it.

For us, there is no such thing as a small client. Our efforts go equally to each and every single one. We become a part of our client’s team, and they will become a part of our great family of satisfied customers. A perfect fit does exist, it’s called partnership, and that’s what we always put on the table.