Not a one-day job

Ever since computers became a “thing”, we have all been involved in a journey to find the best way to interact with them. On that account, designers and developers have spent substantial amount of time trying to set the computer-machine exchange of data on the right track.

There is no doubt that we’ve come a long way since then, but are we done? Is the rigidly square grid truly the best way to present your data? Is it all just clicks, swipes, and a boring ready-made template or framework that is exhaustively used today? Is there anything else beyond that? We say yes. Good UX takes time, but fantastic UX takes a lot of time and solid effort. Using stock, or as widely known, “standardized” solutions is usually the safe choice that will never bring out the uniqueness of our client’s project.

We fight this unwillingness to push for more by going beyond the monotonous grids and shapes. User experience design is not defined in a one-day brainstorming session. A top-notch UX is created and polished by a series of fine-tuned, provable, and scientifically measurable research techniques.

User-centric design

End-users are at the core of our design process. Who are they, what do they need, and why would they use the particular software? These are just a few of the billions of questions we often ask ourselves, and we don’t rest until we find the answers because that is the only way to create the right solution.

Our design process is somewhat conservative, yet it manages to deliver a superb result followed by smiling faces on our clients. We don’t skip steps to make our lives easier. On the contrary, we create a meticulous plan, and we hold on to it. We openly talk to the people that will end up using the software, carefully listen to their needs and ideas. That’s how we are able to identify and implement the best workflows.

Design has its own evolutionary process, just like everything else. We take things slowly, and plan for the future. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, and try to channel their needs. There is no tool for that. Tools don’t matter, people do.

Delivering love and experience with every pixel

Every new project is an entirely new journey for us. During this journey, we take all input and information, and place it on our canvas where every pixel matters. Shadow, gradients, colors, and forms are attentively planned. We are constantly after the “wow” effect and nothing less than that.

We closely follow our client’s culture, branding, and people. We build close relationships in order to understand the client’s core needs. What we learn through that process helps us deliver the best of us. When we design and develop, we devote, and with every line of code or shade of color, we leave a piece of us as a reminder of the world that is beyond the basics.