Sharpen your skills

Knowing the name of every new tech that comes out is not nearly enough, using it is just a single piece of a puzzle, and actually standardizing it is a whole different world of rules and procedures.

By joining our internship programme you will witness the use of different tech “in the wild”. You will learn the rules, the big “no-nos”, gotcha's, and procedures that make our software better and lives easier, by working on a project that both interests, and benefits you.

We will help you step-out of the comfort zone that your university or coding academy put you in. Solving real problems with real tools and methodologies is what it’s all about, the only proper way to sharpen your skills.

Our mentoring programme

Come to us with an idea, and we will help you make that idea a project, and that project a reality. Our mentorship does not revolve around putting you in the middle of an ongoing project, but on helping you build something you feel passionate about. The experience gained by building your first software by industry standards creates an impeccable feeling that you are doing something right for the first time. This is the feeling that we are after, because once you get it, it never goes away.

We will fuel your passion, give you the right directions, and help in every step of the way. By sharing your growing moments with us, you bring excitement to the team, remembering that we were once like you.