A family full of brainiacs

Right from the beginning, we wanted to create a culture that resembled the one from the early days. This is back when computer science was in its infancy, when everything that drove the pioneers forward was their thirst for knowledge and absolute dedication to problem solving. By nurturing our high standards, we became a real family of brainiacs where creativity, fun, and persistence go hand in hand.

Being smart is extremely important to us, but it’s not everything. We have no doubt that you are able to reverse that doubly linked list, but can you work in a team? Are you the type of person that shares their knowledge and discoveries?

At the end of the day, being a part of Beyond Basics is not just work, but also having fun. Being here for each other, facing technological and life’s challenges is what makes us work.

We like newbies

All of us had to start somewhere. At an occasion we had been given a chance to show the world that we know how to build things. We took that chance, combined it with our love for tech and became a part of a team, a company, a product.

Fresh ideas, dreams and energy are always in demand. We like newbies because they push us forward. They are ready to be exposed to new challenges, tackle them, and create the next best thing. We encourage you to share your ideas, but also acting on them. If you are a newbie, and you think that you share our love for tech, come aboard, we have been waiting for you.